Welcome to your destiny

In a land lost to the mists of time a land known as Nihon (日本) exists. It is made up of a group of territories each ruled by a clan. For these people the clan is life and they live to serve the head of their clans. Each clan is different and holds to different concepts and ways of life with no two clans being entirely alike. It is also why they tend to feud and fight among one another. Even so for the last thousand years one clan has birthed one who would rule the others as Shogun and perform the will of the Celestial Emperor.

Now the current Shogun is an old man who is searching for the secrets of Immortality, while a series of natural disasters befall the nation. The clans have begun to feud among themselves for power as the Shogun has no heir and when he passes one of them will come to rule.


Celestia o Nihon